You Can Make it Happen – How Breakthroughs in Neuroscience Can Transform Relationships

Having a difficult relationship can be extremely painful. When couple therapist Eva Berlander inspires us to celebrate our conflicts, she wants to motivate us to see our conflicts from a new perspective, so that we can find a way to rewire our brains, establish deep contact and experience real love. We can actually make use of conflicts to build a better relationship. You Can Make it Happen is a book based on the new Interpersonal Neurobiology Research (IPNB) on how the brain works and describes a clear communication model for couples. We also meet the fictitious couple Lisa and Michael.


”Every couple wanders through the wilderness and every couple knows despair. Couples therapist Eva Berlander has walked that road with determination, grace and grit. In YOU CAN MAKE IT HAPPEN, she shares a wealth of knowledge and experience as a therapist, a wife, and a wise guide. She has the profound perspective that the difficult chapters in the life of two committed partners are essential to the unfolding of two mature, differentiated, truly loving adults.”
Hedy Schleifer PhD, is the director of Schleifer & Associates Relationship Builders in Miami, Florida. A certified Imago Relationship Therapist and seasoned Imago trainer, she also founded Encounter-Centered Couple Therapy.

“We are so fortunate that Eva Berlander has put her magical methods in this book for couples, individuals and anyone interested in understanding and improving love relationships. She has shared her own transformational love story which gives hope and the promise of happiness to us all.”
Pat Love, Ed.D., author, The Truth About Love.

“Eva Berlander brings the riches of her personal and professional experience to this highly personable, clear, honest and hopeful approach to adult intimacy. Simply put: ”she get’s it.” Every couple wanting to deepen or save their relationship should read it.
Esther Perel, author of Mating in Captivity: Unlocking Erotic Intelligence

”Eva Berlander’s integration of contemporary marriage therapies with the brain sciences will help all her readers, couples and therapists, better understand what happens in our brains when we fall in and out of love. Additionally, the interweaving of theory and extensive case illustrations make clear how we can use our brains to change our experience and thus our relationships. I recommend the book to therapists who work with couples as well as to couples who can use these instruments to work with each other.”
Harville Hendrix, Ph. D. Author: Getting the Love You Want: A Guide for Couples and Receiving Love.

”This is a gem of a book written by an expert in Relationship Therapy. Eva Berlander illuminates her ideas with clear and vivid examples- most movingly from her own story. You will be glad you read it, as will your clients.” – Jette Simon, Psychologist. Director of the Washington DC Training Institute for Couples Therapy

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